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Presoil, seed & machines tehnologies

Company PRESOIL is glad to welcome you at our site. Here you can find information about the equipment and the products, manufactured by us, and also send a request for calculation of its cost. We have an office and the production facilities in Poland and Ukraine.
The company PRESOIL started production of the equipment for production and clarification of seed oils in 1999. Today the company has in possession the production facilities for manufacture of the equipment and the products, and also experienced tight-knit staff of process men, installers and other employees. In our work we try to achieve maximum output of high quality final product under minimum cost of raw material processing

at all process stages.

Every year new equipment samples appear activity-specific:
- production of seed oils with the pressing method
- extruding of soybeans, crops and other agricultural products (incl. for recycling of mortality, feather, bones, fish offal),
- mini-extruders and mini-press for small farms
- production of fuel pellets and briquettes (euro fuel wood),
- refining equipment
- transport equipment.

We offer you products, manufactured at our facilities:

- seed oil;

- seed meal
- extrudate
- pellets
- briquettes

We offer the following services:

- development of process lines according to customer targets
- front end engineering design
- contract supervision
- commissioning works,
- modernization and repair of the existing production
- repair works
- under the customer's request we provide the whole set of documents for credit and leasing companies.

Under production of the equipment we try to complete it with details of high wearing feature (for example a solid metal movable object in the extruder). The works as per improvements of design and strength characteristics of the produced equipment are performed constantly. The produced equipment is supported with warranty obligations and maintenance. The discount system is applied for regular customers. Our personnel is always pleased to answer all questions as per suggested equipment and to find jointly a way of achieving your objectives.